I just came home with some markers and a coloring book for Sophie and she was so excited but she was calling her markers coloring books. So justin and I were correcting her that they were markers and her book was the coloring book and she got so mad and told justin, “no! These are coloring books! ARGH! This is IMPOSSIBLE! (With a British accent thanks to too much Peppa Pig) she cracks me up. I can’t even imagine the drama to come with this one.

Toddler meals

I’ve been searching for ideas to get Sophie to eat more vegetables. Lately all she wants is a peanut butter sandwich, string cheese, yogurt or cereal. I was watching the barefoot contessa and she was making these sourdough snacks with tomato and goat cheese so I decided to make them for lunch today and sophie loved them and I loved them! You toast the sourdough slices and then spread herbed goat cheese on the slices and top with fresh basil and sliced tomatoes. They’re so easy and so tasty.

An update on life with two babies

I haven’t been on here in a while to talk about how things have been since having Scarlett. Honestly she is a dream baby. She is so perfect and easy. The only thing that’s tough is Sophie. She’s been having a really hard time adjusting to Scarlett being here. She’s never mean to the baby but she does throw tantrums now and acts out with bad behavior to get our attention. So that’s been an adjustment. We’re trying to show her attention and be patient, understanding why she’s acting this way. It’s just tough for me because she changed so much when we brought the new baby home, it’s like she’s not Sophie anymore. It’s also been an adjustment for me to see Sophie as a big girl all of a sudden when the last time I saw Sophie before I went into the hospital I was still holding her and calling her my baby and now she just seems so big and I all of a sudden expect so much more from her. I know that this is normal as I’ve researched it but it’s still weird for me to have all these new feelings that it seems like I can’t control. 

The first two weeks were really hard emotionally on me. My hormones were crazy and I was really struggling with depression. Not to the point where it was dangerous but just generally feeling depressed every day. Crying a lot. But thankfully that seems to have gone away now and now I’m just really enjoying my life with two babies and I’m even enjoying cleaning the house 50 times a day

Scarlett checkup

Scarlett had get one month checkup yesterday. She is 9 lbs 15 oz. She’s so chunky and cute. She only grew about a half inch longer but the Dr says that’s totally fine. Not much more to report there. Yesterday I was losing it because I’m so tired and it’s catching up with me and I can’t get control of the house work. I’ve been feeling really upside down. I’m so grateful for my friends that have been stopping by. They usually wash whatever dishes are hanging around and hold the baby. One of my friends took Sophie for the day a couple of weeks ago. I really really have good friends. But yesterday Justin and I tackled the house so it looks pretty good today. He’s been getting us out of the house every day if he can. We’re all about the picnic in the park these days. All in all Scarlett is a little dream baby. And I am really very fortunate that Justin can work from home. If I didn’t have his help I’d really be losing it. It’s not that it’s that hard I think it just really is lack of sleep.