Spaghetti song (or lack thereof)

Don’t be cry, Scarlett.

2 Months Old

My little Scarly turns 2 months today and she’s spending it being sick for the first time in her life. Poor thing. I’m pretty sure we picked this up from the playground. I’m hoping we lose it soon. Yesterday I ordered groceries from instacart and got ingredients to make a butternut squash, chicken, and tomato soup. Very delicious. Today if I have any energy I’m going to make pumpkin bread. We’ll see. Sophie will want to help.


I just came home with some markers and a coloring book for Sophie and she was so excited but she was calling her markers coloring books. So justin and I were correcting her that they were markers and her book was the coloring book and she got so mad and told justin, “no! These are coloring books! ARGH! This is IMPOSSIBLE! (With a British accent thanks to too much Peppa Pig) she cracks me up. I can’t even imagine the drama to come with this one.